Say Good-bye To Your Yeast Infections With These Top Tips

If you have a yeast infection, don’t be embarrassed. Millions of people get these every year. You just have to figure out how to get rid of them. Learn important information about yeast infections with the help of the advice below.

Make sure you dry yourself thoroughly after showering to avoid getting yeast infections. Moisture is known to cause yeast infections. Yeast cannot grow if no water is present; therefore, you will have less yeast infections.

In order to prevent yeast infections, always dry thoroughly after showering. Water is one of the main causes of yeast infections. Water aids in growing the infection.

Seek medical treatment as soon as you think you may have another yeast infection coming on. The longer you allow it to linger, the longer it will take to cure it.

Natural Fibers

Don’t use a douche. It’s supposed to be cleaning you, but it’s actually ruining your vaginal flora. Your risk of a yeast infection increases the more you interfere with the natural balance that your body tries to maintain. It is enough to wash the area with mild soap and water.

Sweating will create a moist environment that yeast infections feed on. Yeast will thrive in this environment. Choose clothes that are manufactured from natural fibers such as cotton. Natural fibers are more breathable and are better able to handle moisture. Stay away from synthetic materials such as spandex, nylon or Lycra. Synthetic materials don’t breathe, creating a sweaty and warm environment.

Add a couple cups of apple cider vinegar with your daily bathwater and you’ll quickly enjoy the medical benefits. Vinegar helps your pH levels come into balance, and it will eliminate your yeast infections. Limit the time that you spend in this bath. Alternatively, you can douche with a solution of 3 tablespoons of cider vinegar to one quart of water.

If you believe a yeast infection is coming on, see a physician as quickly as you can. You don’t want to sit around and let the infection get worse.

Try eating yogurt. If you think you might be coming down with a yeast infection, start eating yogurt. Acidophilus cultures are present in many yogurts. This is a bacteria that is live, and helpful for your body’s natural defenses against yeast infections. When you give your body a lot of healthy and good bacteria it makes it hard for bacteria such as yeast to thrive.

Stay away from things that are scented or contain irritating chemicals. Some women use douches and body soaps to clean their vagina. Their use makes your vagina imbalanced and prone to illness. You end up more vulnerable to acquiring a yeast infection. Only use soap intended for your vagina.

Bubble baths are a poor idea if you desire to stop recurrent yeast infections. These scents can cause more bacteria on your skin, and yield an infection. Also avoid pads and tampons that are scented since they can do this too.

Stay away from fancy underwear if you have a history of yeast infections, even when they look really nice. Plain cotton will allow you to remain dry, unlike fancier materials that won’t let your body breathe. This makes it easy for yeast to develop and thrive, so if you’re worried about a yeast infection you should go with cotton!

A great way to kill bacteria in your body is with the use of tea tree oil. Mix in some almond oil with the tea tree oil, applying the mixture directly to your vagina. Do not apply tea tree oil straight out of the bottle. If it is not mixed with a carrier oil, it can cause painful burning. This treatment will combat infections and restore a sense of order to the female genitalia.

Yeast Infections

Does it seem like a yeast infections shows up with your period? Use a pro-biotic like acidophilus or lactinex before and after your period. This will alleviate if not eliminate all signs of yeast infections. Taking a proactive stance like this can help you to eliminate your bouts with yeast infections.

Garlic and yogurt are valuable foods that help eliminate yeast infections. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal, so it can be used to both prevent and treat yeast infections. Seek out garlic pills at natural foods stores, and try to find deodorized varieties. In addition to garlic, try to consume two cups of yogurt a day to help prevent yeast infections.

Your eating habits may contribute to yeast infections. Sugar, in particular, encourages the growth of yeast. You should replace unhealthy snacks with fruits and nuts and drink water instead of soda.

Practice good hygiene to ward off yeast infections. Gently wash the entire genital area very well, and make sure all the folds of skin are cleansed. Then to help get you really dry, you may want to use a hair dryer. Yeast likes a moist environment so try to stay dry.

To avoid a yeast infection, avoid snug clothing. This includes the currently stylish “skinny” jeans. Although tight jeans seem sexy, they prevent your crotch area from breathing enough. Yeast infections can happen when you do not allow enough air circulation. For maximum comfort, wear pants that are looser and lighter.

Tea Tree Oil

Yeast infections are able to be transmitted from person to person with ease. If you have developed an infection, wait a whole week after the infection is cured to start having sex again. If you have an infected mouth or throat, refrain from kissing and make sure your silverware is cleaned well.

One home remedy that works great for yeast infections is tea tree oil. You can mix this oil with some sweet almond oil, then make direct applications to the vagina. Do not apply the tea tree oil to the area before you mix it with another product to prevent it from burning the area. This is a great way to combat infection and bring balance back to the female area.

Wash your vagina with soap that’s designed for that specific use. There are several on the market. They are designed to maintain the pH balance in the vagina, and they won’t dry it out either. Using them instead of regular soap can help prevent yeast infections.

Get plenty of rest. You’ll need your immune system working at its full capacity to fight off yeast infections. However, not getting enough sleep will play havoc on the immune system making you more prone to getting yeast infections. Focus on keeping your sleep schedule regular, and avoid caffiene or too much exercise before bedtime so your sleep will be of good quality.

A warm, damp environment is perfect for the growth of yeast. Yeast can grow quickly if you sit around in a bathing suit. Whenever you are at a pool or the beach it is best to put on dry clothes as quickly as possibly to help prevent the growth of yeast.

Yeast infections need to be treated just as any health problem should. It’s up to you to treat it and beat it. The advice provided in this article should have given you a better idea about how to treat your condition.

Stay clean, but avoid douching. Do not neglect your vagina when showering. Use only the usual bath soap to clean the vaginal area. This can keep yeast from developing in these areas. However, douching is not necessary and it can actually result in infections.